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Multi-Functional Backpacking Trowel

Discover the Versatile FullLit Backpacking Trowel - Your Ultimate Outdoor Companion for Hiking, Digging, Metal Detecting and Gardening!

- Durable: The FullLit Backpacking Trowel is made from high-quality metal that is built to last. It can handle tough digging tasks without bending or breaking, making it a reliable tool that you can count on for years to come.
- Convenient: This trowel comes with a carrying pouch that makes it easy to store and transport. The pouch can be attached to your backpack or belt, allowing you to keep the trowel within reach at all times

The FullLit Backpacking Trowel is the perfect multi-purpose tool for any outdoor enthusiast. This lightweight camping shovel can be used for digging holes for tents, fire pits, and latrines. It also doubles as a metal detecting tool, making it an essential item for treasure hunters. The garden trowel feature makes it a great tool for gardening and landscaping. The FullLit Backpacking Trowel comes with a carrying pouch, making it easy to bring along on hikes and camping trips. Whether you're digging, metal detecting, gardening or exploring the great outdoors, the FullLit Backpacking Trowel is the perfect tool to have by your side.